Sunday, January 17, 2016

BD"E Body Of Devorah Stubin Found in her Car in River

The search for a missing New Jersey Jewish woman has come to a tragic end, and now investigators are trying to determine how her car ended up in the Passaic River.

A Bergen County Sheriff Chaplain confirmed the body that was pulled from a submerged car in the river is that of 22-year-old Devorah Stubin. He says Stubin's family has positively identified her.

Stubin was missing since last Thursday. It took crews five hours to pull the car, which was more than ten feet under, out of the water. Police do not know how long the car was submerged for.

Officials say the car careened off a steep embankment in Wallington before crashing into the water.

Stubin's car was found about a 15 minute drive from where the 22-year-old was last seen.

On Thursday night, the Passaic woman was pulled over for a traffic violation in Maywood. Police say she immediately called her mother afterwards, crying and sounding lost.

Then, Stubin vanished. Investigators say it was a call about a damaged fence around 3:00 in the afternoon that lead search teams to the location.

"The owner of the funeral home called, because he had property damage to his fence. When the officer arrived, he felt that because there was some vehicle debris there, that possibly something occurred," said Police Captain Kim Lucas.

Family members say Stubin suffers from seizures. Investigators do not know at this point when Stubin crashed her car into the river.

Authorities are trying to determine whether foul play was involved.

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