Monday, January 04, 2016

Baruch Vizel & Malchus Choir - Umipnei Chataeinu

Baruch Vizel & Malchus Choir Sing "Umipnei Chataeinu" First Reordered by Yumi Lowy on his Debut Album "Ahavas Hashem"

This Song was Composed by Reb Binyomin (Benny) Hershkowitz  z”l. Who passed away last week at the Age of 65, Reb Benny was a renowned composer of Jewish music, most famously composing the popular niggun for the words “Ein Aroch.” Reb Benny composed many songs sung by singer Michoel Streicher, including Ein Aroch. He also composed Yeedle Werdyger's "Haneshama Lach"

This video was reordered on Sukkos 2015

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