Thursday, December 24, 2015

Tribute in Yiddish for Menachem Stark Hy"d

The family of Menachem Stark, the prominent Williamsburg businessman brutally murdered almost two years ago, has released a moving tribute in Yiddish describing the family's feelings about him on the occasion of his daughter’s wedding.

Song by Child Soloists Yitzchuck Linger & Avrum Chaim Green

First song composed by Pinky Weber, First Reordered by Michoel Schnitzler on his Latest Album

Second song Composed by Motty Ilowitz, First Reordered by Motty Ilowitz on his Latest Album

Music, Mix & Choir Arranged by Shlome Wechter

As reported, Stark was leaving his Brooklyn office in the middle of a blizzard on January 2, 2014, when he became the victim of a botched robbery leading to his kidnapping and murder. After being missing for many hours, Stark’s body was found burned and dumped in Long Island. The tragedy led to passage of the “Expedited Missing Persons Act” in the New York State legislature.

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Anonymous said...

this brings me back painful memories, HY"D