Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Riboin - Aron S. Katz & Mezamrim - A Stern Production

"A musical masterpiece" created by the new "Stern Production" at a recent event in Boro Park, featuring the new viral composition "Hineni Beyodchu" sung originally by legend Avraham Freid composed by Reb Pinchos Bruer from Israel.

Singer: Aron Shlome Katz
Mezamrim Choir Members: Yoely Ackerman, Sruly Weinberger, Lazer Kish, Mechy Miller
Keys: Don Stern
Guitar: Motti Feldman
Sax & Flute: Shmaye Karpen
Percussion: Yudi Simon
Sound: Excellent Sound
Video by: Motty Engel

1 comment:

Hypo said...

Nice arrangement, but Avremel doesnt just sing this song he gives some Kiddush Hashem..