Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Powerful Lesson - Father & Son with a Badchan

Yoely Lebewitz sings to the crowd at Keiravtuni, telling over a powerful and emotional story which he not only witnessed but was involved with himself.

The story begins after Yoely was hired to perform as Badchen at a specific wedding and the family of the Chosson refused to help him with the necessary information he would need to call up the Chosson's father to the Mitzvah Tantz.

Yoely, having grown up himself with friction between his parents, was all too familiar with this scenario. He told the family that they should kindly find another Badchen since there is no way he will participate in a wedding where a father will not have the honor to dance with his son.

Watch below the entire story.

Keiravtuni is a fast growing organization that was created with the purpose of bringing Yidden closer to Hashem, to their families, friends and communities.

Click on the "CC" option on the bottom right center of the video for English subtitles.

A Gruntig Exclusive!

Yoely and his father the Nikolsburger Rebbe singing together "V"Heishive" several years ago, a song the Rebbe composed when he was finally reunited with this son.


Anonymous said...

Wow. This made me cry

Anonymous said...


Thank you very much, Rabbi Lebewitz shli'ta, for spreading this heartrending and very important message. Your heartfelt singing and words empowered your message strongly.

It's searingly painful enough for the chosson or kallah if their parent(s) are not alive anymore at their chasunah and they can't tangibly dance with their fathers' at the heilige time of the mitzvah tantz.

Tizke Lemitzvos.