Sunday, December 20, 2015

Police Officer Taken For Unscheduled Ride

This is the shocking moment a policeman was dragged along half-a-mile down roads in China when he stopped a pedicab for a routine inspection.

Appearing as though he might have something to hide, the pedicab driver sped off as the police officer lent in through the window.

The insistent policeman, however, held onto the motor-trike and was taken for an unscheduled ride through the city, narrowly avoiding hitting into other vehicles.

The film-like drama happened in the city of Lichuan, in China’s northern Hebei Province, and was recorded on the dashcam of a motorist following behind.

The policeman can be seen clinging to the side of the pedicab as its driver, keen to avoid showing his documents to the authorities, speeds away and tries to shake the officer off the vehicle. After half-a-mile, and with the officer still in tow, the motorist recording the footage from behind decides to intervene and accelerates to overtake the pedicab, cutting in front of it to stop the driver. Traffic cameras then show the brave motorist’s stunt, which helped stop the pedicab and possibly saved the officer’s life as well. The pedicab driver, whose documents were found to be out of order, was arrested on the spot and taken into custody by police.

The brave motorist was thanked for his assistance and will receive compensation for any damage done to his vehicle during the incident.

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