Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Panda Rescued by its Playful Zookeeper

This video shows the hilarious moment a determined panda had to be rescued by its playful zookeepers.

The footage, taken in Japan's Adventure World Park, shows the panda rolling around the grass of its enclosure. At that point, it tumbles down a steep slope into a ditch - despite the best efforts of the zookeepers dressed in panda hats.

It then desperately tries to clamber up the slope and is given a helping hand by one of the workers.

The panda reaches the edge of the enclosure, but then falls down the slope once again where it sits in a disgruntled ball.

Finally, on the third attempt, the zoo keeper pulls it out of the ditch and back onto the grassy enclosure where it contently trots off and out of sight. The park currently houses seven pandas, the most in Japan. Last week, twin cubs were born at the zoo.  

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