Thursday, December 10, 2015

Orangutan Sees Magic Trick

An orangutan witnessed a magic trick and reacted by falling about on the ground laughing in some incredible footage posted online. The great ape was filmed at a zoo - the exact one is unknown - in what is believed to be America, watching a man from inside its enclosure. The man holds a polystyrene cup towards the glass and ensures the orangutan watches as he places what appears to be an unripened chestnut inside.

The ape, who sits by the side of the enclosure with its hand under its chin, follows the whole process with its eyes. The man then puts a lid on the cup and places it under his leg before removing the chestnut.

Bringing it back into view of the ape, the man shakes the beaker before popping it down in front of the enclosure. The curious ape then watches as the man removes the lid and holds the cup to the glass - revealing that there is now nothing inside.

At first it does not appear that the orangutan is going to react as it stares in bewilderment.
Before it then opens its mouth wide - as if laughing - grabs hold of his foot and falls backwards in hysterics. The video concludes with the monkey rolling around on the ground as if blown away by the trick - or perhaps laughing at its poor quality - while the video maker and magician giggle too.

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