Monday, December 14, 2015

Lipa Schmeltzer and Laughing Therapy

During Sukkos Lipa Schmeltzer visited the Sukka of Rabbi Kalman Goldschmidt and composed a special song in his honor, based on the story of the two Badchonim (comedians) who merited to Olam Habah  because they made people happy.

Rabbi Kalman Goldsmith was recently was diagnosed with cancer R"L, but nevertheless continues to stay strong to this faith in Hashem with a smile.

Lipa, was moved by the attitude of Rabbi Goldschmidt, so he compose a special song in his honor, based on a story in the Gemara: הני תרי בדחני (שני בדחנים) שזכו למה שזכו (לעולם הבא), על ידי שהיו משמחים בני אדם" During the song, Lipa, Rabbi Goldschmidt and and the entire crowd broke into heavy laughter.

A few months ago, Rabbi Goldschmidt  explained that the laughter and joy have a positive effect on him and helps him through this difficult time.

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