Monday, December 07, 2015

"Just One Move" Music Video by Shmueli Schwartz

Composed and Sung by Shmueli
Song Produced and arranged by John Sawoski

A Deervision Production
Video directed and edited by Daniel Knust
Video written and produced by Chava Tombosky
Shot on Location at Chabad of Downtown LA

As situations get darker around us, it only takes one's first positive actions to enlighten the way. Whether it be a person's feelings of disappointment or a nation experiencing national tragedy, the collective whole looks towards a brighter future. The Holiday of Chanukah represents the spiritual light that helps us shine through these hard times. With "Just One Move" as we start to do good around us and light our own beautiful Menorah, this candlelight brings clarity to all confusion. The world becomes a better place, and our lives shine bright. Please share the light this Hanuka season.

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