Thursday, December 24, 2015

Helicopter Crashes Just Metres From Vacationers

This is the horrifying moment a helicopter crashed at a Fiji resort island just metres from where an Australian tourist was dining - and all seven people on board remarkably walked away unscathed. 
The helicopter crashed dramatically as it was trying to land at Treasure Island resort, just off the west coast of Fiji, on Wednesday afternoon.

Footage shot by a tourist showed the helicopter coming in to land and hovering just inches above the helipad for several seconds before eventually touching down.

But as soon as the landing skids touched the ground, the helicopter lurched forward and veered into nearby trees - dangerously close to onlookers. There were six passengers and a pilot on board the helicopter but remarkably there were no fatalities. It is believed the helicopter may have been caught up by a strong gust of wind just as it was trying to land.

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