Friday, December 11, 2015

Dvar Torah Parshas Mikeitz & Shabbos Chanukah

Miketz - devotion from with and without | Weekly I

Rabbi Benny's Hilarious Torah Video - The One With the Dream - Vayeishev - Why does the Jewish arrival to Egypt and enslavement begin with a series of dreams? What do dreams have to do with exile and, how could we possibly better our life from it? Watch as Rabbi Benny brings out a beautiful lesson to be had from Joseph's dreams, as well as how we can lead a better life while struggling through a dark and bitter exile.

Rabbi Aryeh Royde - Parshas Mikeitz

Rabbi Minkowicz Weekly Torah Lesson Parsha Mikeitz "How can we be inspired to make an impact on the world?"

Chanukah: Why do we light candles? Rabbi Katz shares a quick insight into G-d's door to door deliveries for every one of us.

Rabbi Laibl Wolf's 60-Second Message - Parashat Mikeitz
The First Step to Recovery is Admission of Guilt
• Josef, the great leader in Pharaoh’s Egypt and Jewish leader extraordinaire seems so cruel to his brothers. Imprisons some when they come to him. Drags his youngest brother from the bosom of his doting father. Why?
• To allow his brothers to redeem themselves for the sin of selling him to slavery.
• Unless they came to their own understanding and admission of their inner faults, there could be no true personal redemption for them.
• So he forced them to face themselves in this way

פרשת מקץ חנוכה ביידיש - יג' מידות של רחמים Rav Motteh Frank

Torah Energizer #238 - Parshas Vayeishev, "Why Didn't You Stop Me?" Rabbi Israel Becker from Tucson

Harry Rothenberg has a special dedication and an explanation of the gift that Jacob sent to the ruler of Egypt - his son, Joseph.

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