Sunday, December 13, 2015

Drone Catcher

Tokyo police are taking to the skies for drone chases.

The Japanese city's Metropolitan Police Department created drone squads on Thursday to enforce its ban against the flying devices, using a 10' by 6.5' net to catch them.

In a demonstration clip, the police drone zips through the sky and easily nets a small, white quad copter trying to escape, then hovers down and releases it on the ground in front of the police pilot.

The ban is enforced around Japan's important locations, like the prime minister's home and the Imperial Palace. The trial drone squad only has one copter flying, which took to the skies on Thursday,

It is expected to be a fully-fledged flock by February, with 10 drones patrolling Tokyo's skies,

Tokyo police have been up in arms at potential drone security risks since one of the devices dropped radioactive soil on the prime minister's roof in April, sparking terrorist attacks concerns.

Officers will use a loudspeaker to warn the suspicious drone's pilot to leave before the netting-copter is sent out to capture the device in flight. Tokyo officials decided to use a net to make sure the drones wouldn't fall and hurt any people below.

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