Sunday, December 13, 2015

Baalei Hamenagnim Choir "Haneiros Hallalu"

The Brand New Choir of the HaMenagnim Orchestra Called "Baalei Hamenagnim" is Presenting its Debut Official Music Video, That Captures the Unique Chanukah Atmosphere in Jerusalem,

It was shot during Chanukah 5756 (2015) on the streets of Jerusalem & Old City and of course near the famous Menorah at the Kotel Hamaaravi

The origins of this Chabad Masterpiece "Haneiros Halolu" is uncertain. It is believed to have been composed by the Talmidim of the “Maharash”, the 4th Rebbe of Chabad-Lubavitch. The Rebbe was not well but he would come out for Neiros Chanukah. The Chasdim composed a long song for Hanieros Halalu so that he would stay out longer and enable them to be together with him for that much longer!

Produced by: Shaom Vagshal - Choir arranged by: Moishy Roth

'בעלי המנגנים'
Yanky Berlinger, Moishy Cohen, Gershon Israeli, Moishy Tigerman, Ephraim Philip. Soloists: Ephraim Philip and Moishy Tigerman.

Choir Conductor: Yanky Berlinger
Music arranged: Yosef Chaim Ben Moshe
Studio & Sound Design: Yanky Cohen
Mix: Yaniv Balas
Filmed & Directed: Betzalel Cohen
Camera Drone: Lider Photo
Clip Edit & Post: Musya Rosenberg - VMP Production Studio

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