Thursday, December 03, 2015

A Team 'Riboin Haolamim' Shloime Daskal & Meshorerim

The A Team Symphony Series Presents

'Riboin Haolamim Yodati'
Featuring: Shloime Daskal
Accompanied by: The Meshorerim Choir

Originally Sung by: Avraham Fried
Composed by: Pinchos Breyer
Original Score by: Naftali Schnitzler
Additional Arrangements & Orchestration By: Avremi G
Post Production: Moshe Krausz & Aba Berkowitz, MK Studios, Naftali Schnitzler & YBY Group
Conducted By: Yitzy Schwartz
Video By: Motty Engel
Additional Video by: Shimon Gifter

347-893-2019 // 718-513-1617

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Anonymous said...

Really Nice song executed by the best in the Business!!!!