Sunday, December 06, 2015

4 Year Old Drives a Dump Truck by Remote Control

To prove the toughness of its latest FMX truck, Volvo turned it into an RC racer and handed the "keys" to the luckiest 4-year-old ever. The results were what you'd expect: Pure chaos. To be fair, young Sophie probably guided the vehicle better than we would have at that age (or even now). However, steering a multi-ton rig from afar ain't easy, so she managed to hit obstacles, roll the vehicle into a pit and (safely) crash through a house. At the end of her trip, the vehicle emerged relatively unscathed and was still driveable.

The whole thing, of course, was a PR stunt rigged up by Volvo to make its vehicle look as good as possible. There are far worse ways to spend your marketing budget, however, and the company clearly put a lot of work into it. "The remote control used by Sophie was specially made for this film. Highly sensitive, the compact RC unit provided access to steering, accelerator, gearshift and brakes," according to Volvo. The final result was a pretty epic video, as you can see below.

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