Monday, November 09, 2015

Uziya Tzadok "Habet" Previewing New Album

A few weeks after Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz wrote "El Hanaar Hazeh" in memory of his sister in law, who was niftar a few weeks before the Bar Mitzvah of her Bechor, a friend of his sent him a video of a relatively unknown child soloist named Uziah Tzadok singing "Ima", a song that also relates to one's mother who was niftar.

"I was spellbound. I've never heard a child with such a talented and beautiful voice" reminisces Shlomo Yehuda. "From all the old tapes and YouTube clips, I've never heard a child, who's Neshama pierced the listeners Neshama in such a profound way".

Unfortunately for the Ashkenazi Oilam, his repertoire of songs only included Yemenite and Sefardishe Niggunim without a very big captive audience.

In that vain, Shlomo Yehuda had him learn 13 or 14 slow classic Ashkenazi Niggunim.

They recorded 10 to create an album named מטעם גן עדן which will be released within the next few weeks.
Attached is one of the songs, Habeit which was composed by the talented Abie Rottenberg.

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