Monday, November 02, 2015

"Tonight We Go" Music Video - Menachem Weinstein

Tonight We Go - Music Video - Menachem Weinstein ft. David Vingart
Filmed and Directed by Menachem Mayteles
A Munch Media Production

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So long so far away,
felt like we made a big mistake
pages turning
calendar ends, a new year
tick our feet in the mud
heads turn a new fear

and as the sound of the dead slowly fade
we make our way to a self dug grave
inspiration trying
belief dying
so all we can do is pray

tonight we
i just want to be free
i just want to believe
this is what we need

we wake up to sound of light
a nation hears what is normally bright
generations begin to arise

sun shining heal the wounds yeah
people smiling you reveal the truth
the war is over peace now rules

tonight we go

and if you cant believe open your eyes and see tonight we go

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london freind said...

great work munch