Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Raccoon Fights Cat with Sprinkler

A wild raccoon got its own back on a grumpy neighborhood cat by spraying it with the garden sprinkler.

The comical scene between the two critters was caught on surveillance cameras in Burnaby, Canada.

The amusing 30-second clip begins with footage of the grey-haired mammal sniffing around at the top of a flight of stairs at the back of a house. clearly annoyed that his territory is being invaded a dark brown-coloured feline - undeterred by the fact the raccoon is double his body size - lashes out and shows his claws.

Startled, the raccoon then runs down the steps, shakes his fur and then trots onto the garden lawn.

Keen to get his own back he skulks towards the sprinkler that is watering the grass lawn.

Using his paws, the mischievous animal fires a jet of water at the cat who is observing him from the top of the stairs.

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