Sunday, November 01, 2015

Pumpkin on the Loose

A giant inflatable pumpkin making a bid for freedom was caught on video nearly squashing pedestrians and drivers as it rolled through the streets of Arizona.

The footage shows the 25-foot-tall, 350-pound jack-o-lantern crossing multiple lanes of traffic in Peoria on Thursday before briefly getting stuck beneath a streetlight.

The faux gourd soon broke free, and continued its rampage another quarter mile — bouncing off of a wall, careening through parking lots, and finally stopping in a neighborhood where it again became stuck,

The owners of the pumpkin, Big AZ Promotions, were alerted by authorities their pumpkin was on the loose.

Officials believe the inflatable escaped from a Halloween display because of the high winds. The pumpkin was eventually cornered and deflated, and no injuries were reported.

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