Monday, November 16, 2015

Penguins Try To Escape Zoo

This is the hilarious moment a group of penguins attempting to escape a zoo in Denmark - only for their footprints in the snow to give them away.

The cheeky troupe were captured on camera by a keeper at Odense Zoo who filmed the imprints of flippers in the light snow on the ground.

The confused keeper then follows the trail of footprints around a corner but at first it is unclear as to who could have possibly caused them.

Rounding the bend the video maker catches the culprits red-handed waddling towards the exit at speed in a valiant effort to escape. hilariously they appear to run faster when they sense the zoo keeper behind them as if very determined to get away. unfortunately for the crafty birds they reach a dead-end and one of them can be heard voicing its frustration.

Not to be defeated just yet however the plucky penguins turn around and appear to look for an alternative exit. eventually they are forced to admit defeat - for now at least - and rather sheepishly run back past the keeper and towards their enclosure.

The clip concludes with one of the birds honking as the group running in a line head off around the corner.

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