Monday, November 23, 2015

Incredible World Record Slack Line

If you're afraid of heights then you should look away now.

French daredevil Théo Sanson has set what could be a new world record after walking 1,617 feet between two 400 feet high rock formations in Utah, USA, on a slackline. The professional slackliner's incredible feat was captured in a stunning video that showed just how far the adventurer had to walk.

Video shows the 29-year-old making the difficult journey between two popular climbing spots, The Rectory and Castleton Tower, in Castle Valley, Utah. on November 15 2015.

Trailed only by his harness, and with no safety net, Sanson wobbled his way across the two formations. At one point in the video, it appeared as if though the daredevil was suspended in mid-air.

The feat looked all the more impressive because the rock formations had an elevation of more than 6,500 feet and were protrusions from the terrain beneath them. A team of 15 was needed to successfully complete the stunt. As well as capturing the journey, the team also had a difficult time of staging the slackline.

The challenge comes from the near-vertical face of the formations, which means that experience climbers would be needed to scale to the top of the two locations to set up the slackline.

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