Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Horse and Llama Visit Monsey Wedding

Can't come to the zoo? We'll bring the zoo to you!

Raising wedding  fun to a whole new level. A horse was brought into the wedding hall during the first dance, followed later by a pair of llamas, dressed-up as newlyweds themselves.

Sunday, November 22, 2015. Monsey , NY.


Anonymous said...

PETA is on the way....... Lol

cool masmid said...

To me this seems not just a little 'over the top' but also potentially dangerous. It's my guess that horses don't get to go to weddings all that often and showing up at his one with such a large crowd of people around - and being also indoors could have made this horse get angry, scared and that's poential for disaster. Am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

ok this is nuts. watch it become standard very soon

Anonymous said...

The Choson's family who are from Monsey, and are known all over own these animals. They own a lot more of animals and lots of yeshivas and schools come to them year round to learn about Korbonos, Noach's Teiva etc.

This is also probably why the animals didn't get wild because they saw a lot of familiar faces.