Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Biased Reporter is Actually Israeli Comedian

The video below caused disbelief and outrage last week.

Recorded by a bystander, the video reveals a female reporter blatantly lying while filming for a story in Israel. She and her cameraman were surrounded by Israelis trying to disrupt the broadcast. She can be seen clearly lying again and again, saying that her equipment was stolen (when it can all be seen in her possession), that they were trying to hurt her cameraman (the bystander was trying to cover the camera lens), and actually saying that she was being attacked. What?! One of the bystanders said “No one’s attacking you. How? How do you say that?”

Although there have been reports with depicting similar lies and bias (See Here, 5th video from the bottom), this particular one seemed almost too good to be true. Turns out it was.

Racheli Rottner, an Israeli comedian trolled us all. She wrote this story for the Israeli website Walla! and had this to say:

"Recently there have been numerous cases of falsifications and baseless facts in foreign media reports on the wave of terror in Israel. So I dressed up as a foreign correspondent and went to Jerusalem to distort some news myself, prompting Passersby to pounce on me angrily."

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Anonymous said...

Very stupid, what do you think the foreign media will make out of it.....