Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Yoni Z - Odeh - Music Video

The music video of Yoni Z's debut single ODEH is here.

Yoni spoke about his journey; performing across the
globe prior to releasing his own material, the inspiration behind ODEH, and
what influenced the 23 year old artist to create a most unique and cinematic
Jewish music video.

"There have definitely been some very well executed music videos in recent
years for Jewish music," says Yoni. "But we wanted to create something that
has never been done before; to write a song with an undeniable energy, power
and emotion, with a musical arrangement that translates on the screen into a
dramatic experience with a moving message that touches each viewer deeply
and personally."

ODEH was produced by Yanky Katina, recorded and arranged by
Playmasters studios and composed by Yoni himself. The music video was shot
over four days in Los Angeles, California by acclaimed Hollywood directors
and producers along with a selected crew of 32 industry professionals.

Based on the ODEH mantra, Yoni adds "We should never need Hashem to
test us to appreciate our day to day lives. If we would just take a moment to
think about and contemplate our blessings, we would be full of gratitude and
never stop thanking Hakadosh Boruch Hu for His never ending kindness. That in its essence is the message of ODEH."


Moe said...

WHY?! WHY?!.....
WHY did we have to wait so long?! Where were you till now!!!
This is the best stuff ever!!!!! :) :)
GO YONI!!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow very impressive, high end filming, very meaniful