Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Two Old Men and an Escalator

For some people, there is nothing you would not do for a good burger.
In the case of these two elderly Polish men it was a battle against an escalator.

The pair have become accidental internet stars in their native country after a video of their struggle to get free food went viral. the shopping centre were reportedly handing out free hamburger to celebrate its opening in the city of Lodz last week.

A video from the event shows the huge crowds making their way up the escalators to the area where the free burgers were being dished out. some desperately hungry shoppers had apparently tried to outsmart the others and run up the downward escalators, including the two elderly men.

Hilarity ensued when the pair epically failed to get up the moving stairs, walking and walking but getting nowhere. they then attempt to dash up the escalator, but are overpowered by it, and struggle for almost a minute while falling over.

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