Friday, October 16, 2015

"They'll Hear Us In Heaven If We Sing Together"

Represent yourself, your family, your neighborhood, your community, your city, your nation in the Official The Shabbos Project 2015 anthem.

We got the music, you got the moves. Record yourself and your friends singing along and send it in to us at:
Whatsapp: +27720169855
Facebook: Tag us @The Shabbos Project​ ( - remember to keep your video public

The Shabbos Project's 2015 anthem features 25 talented musicians from Israel, London, South Africa, America and Argentina, including Alex Clare​ , Yonatan Razel​l, rapper Nissim​ Black and Argentinian band Tiembla el Mohel​. Based on Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach​'s Yachad, it's all about one people with one heart.

"When the multitude of angels on high come together with your nation Israel below, we crown You, Lord our G-d, by declaring Your holiness together.” - A additional prayer offered on Shabbat morning


The Shabbos Project is an international Jewish movement, promoting Unity through the celebration and observance of one Shabbos together - the entire Jewish People as One. Originated in South Africa in 2013, where the majority of S. African Jewry kept a single Shabbos together,  South African Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein has had unprecedented success in encouraging the observance of Shabbos to 350 cities in 35 countries.

Me, you and Jews all over the world experiencing one complete Shabbat together. 23/24 October 2015.

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