Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Best Medical Treatment Greek Money Can Buy

Following a game between Larisa (the team from Larisa, Greece)  and Ergotelis ( the soccer/football team from the Greek island of Crete) on October 17, 2015, hilarious footage has emerged featuring a pair of clearly untrained stewards attempting to take off a supposedly injured player on a stretcher.

Ergotelis midfielder Leonardo Koutris was manhandled on to a stretcher before being rushed off by a burly pair of men with absolutely no respect for health and safety procedures.

The stewards seemed to think that Koutris was not injured and simply attempting to waste time with his side leading - although their own efforts to remove the player as quickly as possible soon became an online laughing stock.

In their haste, Koutris is dropped not once but twice as one of the stewards trips over his own feet before unceremoniously dumping the player on the sidelines - with the stretcher practically falling apart.
Despite the failed attempts of care from their stewards, Larissa actually went on to win the game 2-1 with two late goals scored in the 87th and 90th minutes.

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