Sunday, October 04, 2015

Sukkos Comedy

How many Jews can you fit in 4 X 4 Sukkah riding on a boat in the Hudson River?

Huge Hoshanos

Chef Dave's Esrog

Biggest Esrog and Lulav Worldwide - From the author: "This is probably the biggest Etrog and Lulav I saw in my life. Filmed in Safed / Sfad - Israel. Performed in the jeminite custom by Rabbi David Tov in Zfad /Safed."

How To Release the Pressure off your Succa Shlock

Hilchois Yom Kippur with chef Dave


cool masmid said...

Can you kindly remove Chef Dave's clips. They are uttely disgusting. Without question he is a 'melagleg'.....making fun of Torah and mitzvos which is a very serious transgression and its very disheartning to see a website like Gruntig encourage him by carrying his stupidity. I am sure many will agree with me. I respectfully ask Gruntig to please remove his clips...Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I agree with masmid, please remove chef dave videos
also be careful of whos channel you post videos of because their channel may have inappropriate videos I have noticed once or twice