Friday, October 09, 2015

Multiple Stabbings in Israel as Violence Continues

Stabbing Attack at Shmuel HaNavi Street in Jerusalem

A 16-year-old Yeshiva Student was stabbed on Shmuel HaNavi Street in Jerusalem. The attacker fled. The victim is reported to be in light condition. Police spokesman: The victim was punched in his face by an Arab. The victim took off after the attacker who fled. The victim did not feel the light stab wound in his upper body. B’chasdei Hashem his injury appears relatively minor.

Police later arrested an Arab male who answers to the description of the attacker.

Attempted Stabbing Attack in Afula

A female terrorist attempted to stab a soldier at the Afula central bus station Friday afternoon, in the fourth stabbing incident in under four hours. Initial findings revealed that the female terrorist made her way inside the central bus station, and pulled out her knife by a soldier on the platform.

Upon identifying the threat, two Border Police officers opened fire at the terrorist, shooting towards her lower body in order to neutralize her.

She is being treated for moderate wounds.

Video may be considered graphic. Viewer discretion advised.

A Palestinian terrorist stabbed a 47-year-old police officer during a security check at the back entrance to the Kiryat Arba settlement on Friday, a day after a 31-year-old Israeli sustained serious stab wounds in an attack in the same location.

Happened in Kiryat Arba, Israel. 10/9/2015 The Arab Islamic terrorist stabbed a police officer in his back and tried to steal his gun. he was shot dead by another police officer.

Graphic Content, Viewer Discretion Advised

ניר ברקת בזירת הפיגוע בירושלים

השר גלעד ארדן בזירת הפיגוע בירושלים

Thursday's Terror stabbing attack and quick apprehension caught on camera in Afula, Israel - The quick response of the civilians saved the soldiers life. He was transferred to the hospital suffering severe injuries but stable. This makes it the fourth terror attack today.

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