Thursday, October 08, 2015

MBD & Friedman Lead Concert in Jlem's Binyenei HaUma

Five thousand Bochurem and men appeared in the Middle East's  largest convention center to participate in the Chol Hamoed concert benefiting the organization "סעד ומרפא" (Relief and Cure), last Friday.

Mordechai Ben David, Benny Friedman, Nemuel Harroch, Shmuly Unger and Eli Herzlich all performed on Israel's fourth day of Chol Hamoed  in Jerusalem's  International Convention Center in Jerusalem (בנייני האומה) in what was one of this year's largest Sukkos concert.

Benny Friedman entering with Yesh Tikvah. Also in this video a Namuel Harush sings Libi.

MBD singing "Ribono Shel Olam" & Lo Omus

MBD singing Omar Rabi Akiva, Libi, Aneinu,  Ulai Yeracheim, Min Hameitzar, Elokim Tzvokos,

Finale with MBD, Benny friedman, Eli hertzlich, Shmueli ungar and Namuel Harush

Eli Herzlich

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