Sunday, October 18, 2015

Man Rescues Couple From Mud

This is the touching moment a fisherman rushed to the rescue of two elderly tourists who were stuck in the mud by laying face down so they could pull themselves from harm’s way.

The dramatic scenes unfolded when the Norweigan couple became stuck in waist high mud while bird watching with their camera in the Krabi river in Southern Thailand.

Cameraman Theerasak Saksritawee captured the couple , believed to be about 60-years-old, trying to move but held in place by the suction-which is when Chat Ubonchinda spotted them from his fishing boat.

The quick-thinking fisherman waded over and lifted the couples photography gear and rucksacks to higher ground before attempting to pull them free with his hands. But the effort proved unsuccessful as the fisherman started to sink into the mud with the birdwatchers.

Rather than trying to call emergency services, the Good Samaritan tried a more humbling approach when he lay face down in the mud and let them up by pulling against his body. Once the tourists were safe and sound, the fisherman gave them a smile and a bow before returning to his boat.

The couple have since tried to contact the man to show their appreciation but he told reporters he did not want anything in return for his good deeds.

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