Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Funeral of Rav Yeshayahu Krishevsky HY"D

VIN News - Thousands of people converged on the Bais Yisrael neighborhood in Jerusalem to pay final tribute to a prominent and beloved rabbi, Yeshayahu Akiva Krishevsky, 59, whose was brutally run down today by a Palestinian terrorist while waiting at a bus stop. Rabbi Krishevsly will be laid to rest today in Har Ha’Menuchos Cemetery.

According to eyewitness accounts, after driving his car into the waiting crowd at the bus stop, the terrorist from East Jerusalem then exited his vehicle and proceeded to further attack the wounded, including Rabbi Krishevsky, with an ax. A security guard is being credited with critically shooting the terrorist and saving many lives.

Rabbi Krishvesky leaves behind a son, Schneuer Zalman, a Chabad chassid who residesin Bnei Brak.

Dramatic video footage has emerged showing the moment a security guard gunned down the terrorist who murdered Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky in Jerusalem, after plowing his car into a bus stop and emerging wielding a knife.

The attacker - named as Alaa Abu Jamal, a resident of Jabal Mukhaber in eastern Jerusalem - also injured another man before being killed. The attack was the second deadly terrorist incident in the capital Tuesday, and the fourth terrorist attack nationwide,

The quick-thinking security guard who shot Abu Jamaal likely saved many other lives, as dozens more innocent bystanders looked on.

The footage shows the terrorist - apparently still dressed in the uniform of the Bezeq telephone company where he was employed - scrambling to his feet after his initial attack, only to be shoved into a wall by a pedestrian and immediately shot by the security guard.

The attack as it happens

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