Sunday, October 11, 2015

Crew Member Nearly Eaten Alive by Giant Tarpaulin

A Kansas City Royals grounds crew member was caught on camera being nearly swallowed by tarpaulin during a baseball game on Thursday.

Groundskeeper, Adam Wallace, is shown on video as he pulls a rope to the tarp while other crew members are on the opposite side pushing it as they roll it out before he gets trapped underneath.

It appears the high school senior at Raymore-Peculiar in Missouri slipped on the wet field as he was pulling the rope and is shown attempting scraping to get from underneath it but his left leg gets pinned under the tarp.

Wallace is knocked back down and comes crashing down on his right knee and hands, grimacing in pain.Luckily, the tarp did not roll over him completely as it is seen spreading quickly on top of him before it stops just before reaching his head.

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