Thursday, October 22, 2015

Challah Certified By Guinness As World’s Longest

VIN News - Brooklyn, NY - A 20 foot long challah prepared for the upcoming Shabbos Project event has been certified as the world’s longest braided bread by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The challah was officially measured by Guinness at the Great Big Challah Bake held in the Grand Prospect Hall in Park Slope on Wednesday night. Over 2,000 women and girls joined in the event, with each one preparing their own challah as a prelude to the Shabbos Project, a world wide effort to spread the beauty of Shabbos to Jews of all levels of religiosity, taking place this weekend.

The idea for the challah came about at last year’s Shabbos Project according to Rabbi Yaakov Giniger, director of programming for Project Inspire, which is running the Great Challah Bake for the Shabbos Project.  Logistics for creating the record breaking challah kept organizers busy for weeks, with Strauss Bakery preparing the dough, which was then braided by a group of four people in under an hour.  Once the six strand challah had risen, it was transferred to a custom made, 20 foot long aluminum sheet with handles,  placed atop a wooden board of equal length and taken to a second bakery for baking

The challah was kept covered under a series of white cloths at the Great Challah Bake until it was officially certified by Alex Angert of Guinness.  It will ultimately make its way to a special Shabbos table in keeping with Guinness requirements which do not allow food items to discarded once they have been awarded their record breaking status.

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