Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Pilot Who Crash Landed Plane Talks To VIN News

New Jersey - The Chasidic pilot who deliberately crash landed his plane in a New Jersey field spoke from his hospital bed, sharing the story of his fateful flight in a VIN News video interview.

As previously reported on VIN News, Yanky Rosenberg of Spring Valley was flying a Cessna 172 last Thursday when he experienced engine failure.

Rosenberg, a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, had taken off with his co-pilot Erik Pearson from Farmingdale Airport on a routine patrol for the Coast Guard.  The two had flown up to the Albany area and were heading back to Farmingdale when their engine malfunctioned.  Hoping to land at Teterboro Airport, the two headed west to New Jersey when their engine died completely.

When the Cessna did not respond to Rosenberg’s attempts to restart the engine, he began preparing for an emergency landing.

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