Sunday, September 06, 2015

Interview with Arab Who Rescued American Yeshiva Boys

Five American Yeshiva bochurim who took a wrong turn near the city of Chevron had to picked up by the IDF after their car was firebombed.

The bochurim were on their way to daven at Meoras HaMachpelah when they accidentally entered a Palestinian neighborhood. They jumped out of their car when it was pelted with stones and then set afire. Two of the bochurim were injured in the riot.

By sheer miracle, an Arab man came to their rescue.

He took them into his home and alerted Israeli authorities to help get them out of the area.

51 year old Fayez Abu Hamdia said he was “not a hero” after the group spent around 40 minutes with his family.

“I did what needed to be done,” he said.

“As soon as we saw that a riot was starting outside, my family and I managed to bring them inside and we quickly closed the doors.

“We gave them water to drink and tried to tell them that they were safe, but they didn’t speak Arabic.

“That’s how everyone should behave. We have no problems with the Israelis and we don’t want to have any.”

Will Abu Hamdia be branded a traitor for helping Jews? “I am not a traitor or a collaborator. I just did the correct thing.”

here he is talking to Israeli Television showing exclusive video as it happened


Yuppie said...

What a shame to see the Frei Israeli TV not mention a word about the Tefilin In the foot notes. Thy Bochur clearly said that he davened 10 years in the tefilin that was in the car and the foot note says that he paid for the car for the last 10 years. What a shame!!

Anonymous said...

by :48 when he says "his teffilin that davened with the last ten years was burnt", they translate it, "the car that I paid for the last ten years" !

Anonymous said...

That's the left wing TV chanel what do you expect?!