Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Elephant Crashes Dinner

If you're hosting a dinner party during an African safari and not planning on inviting the neighborhood elephant, you may want to rethink your guest list.

A group of American and Irish tourists learned this the hard way as they were sitting down to enjoy an outdoor meal during a trip to Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe.

Footage of the encounter was captured by a guest at the table. It shows the seemingly gentle giant grazing just beyond where the group has gathered, apparently not even seeing them at first on account of poor eyesight.

Stephen Montague and Shane Wolf are pictured in the video are shown sitting very still, in hopes of avoiding the elephant's curiosity.

"As we were eating brunch an elephant was eating pods off of the ground and as it approached we were told to stay very still, which we did," explained the uploader of the footage,

As it approaches the table, the elephant appears to be unpleasantly startled to see the group gathered outside.

In a territorial display, the large pachyderm flares its giant ears, before swatting at two men with its massive trunk. The tourists quickly scurry from the scene, before the large beast ambles on its way.

No one was seriously hurt, although one of the men was grazed by the animal's giant tusk.

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