Friday, September 11, 2015

David D'Or Sings Baal HaTanya's Nigun Yoshon

Israeli singer David D'Or sings Sholom Aleichem to the tune of what is known in Chabad as Nigun Yoshon, attributed to the Baal Hatanya. It is not for certain that this Nigun is included in the 10 Nigunem composed by the Baal Hatnaya,

Chasidim have sung this tune to the words of Sholom Aleichem for over a century. It has previously been recorded as such by Avraham Fried on one of his Chabad albums released several years ago.

קליפ של ביצוע ניגון 'שלום עליכם' בביצוע של דוד ד'אור, מתוך פרוייקט "צמאה 2" - אמנים שרים את ניגוני בעל התניא

לחן: הרבי הזקן

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