Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tosher Rebbe Purim 2008 & More Videos

Tosher Rebbe ZT"L  leading the Tish on Purim 2008. The crowd recites the Brocha Shehechyonu with Shem Umalchus and sing  Chasdei Hashem after the Rebbe recovered from the Hospital.

November 2010 - Toshe Chasidim in Canada were with excitement as they caught a glimpse of the Rebbe, who appeared in shul today for the first time since he left the hospital where he was in critical condition for a few weeks.

The Rebbe Came into the Bais hamedrash to Say Tehilim for the yortzheit of the previous tosher rebbe & for the engagement of a grandchild. The Rebbe came in at 7.30pm and said Tehilim, afterwards the crowd sang Chasdei Hashem.

walking with Children in Kiryas Tosh -  A Shpatzer with Tenokos Shel Bies Rabon of the Talmid Torah Bies Yehida Tosh in the Village of Kiryas Tosh in Canada.

Mitzva Tantz at his beloved House Bucher's Chasuna 6 3 2007

 Visiting a Blitz Bazich in Boro Park Sept. 14, 2008 the Rebbe is Seen Coming Out of the House of Garfinkel on 17ave - 54st then the Rebbe is Seen in the Mobile Bus infront of the House of Friedman giving him Birchas Kodesh.

Tosher Rabbe shalosh suedda Torah moitsa Shabbos shira 2009

 Feering Tish by Shalish Sidas

Dancing in Kiryas Tosh Rav Neiman Zt"l Av"d Pupa-Belz Montreal, 7 Shvat is the Yurtziet of Rav Nieman.

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