Monday, August 31, 2015

Ohr Olam - Mishnah Berurah - Promotional Video

Whether it is baalei teshuva, yeshiva graduates or simply those seeking to cover as much ground in as little time as possible, there is a tremendous thirst for advanced Torah texts in the English language. To meet this ever-increasing demand, Rabbi Asher Zelig Eisenberg, of blessed memory, founded the Ohr Olam Institute. His primary goal was to bring about Zikui HaRabbim by encouraging the learning of contemporary Jewish Law and other texts and making them available to Jews of all streams of life.

The Ohr Olam Institute is an innovative new Torah project committed to disseminating the eternal wisdom of the Torah classics to the English speaking public to ensure that no Jew is estranged from Torah. Our goal is to bring the timeless words of our heritage into the Twenty-First Century in a language that everyone can understand without losing the depth or passion of the original Hebrew.

Director – Itzik Grovais
Producer – Israel Bergman
DP – Yakov Salem, Mendy Or
Sound – Oni Elbar
Script – J.S & Yaakov Gavrieli
Manager On Set: Iide Gresgut

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