Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Music Videos Made in Camp 2015

Click Here to watch music in camp videos posted earlier this month.

Camp Mogen Av -How Not To Make A Music Video 2015 -  "Have you ever wondered about what goes into the planning of a successful camp music video? Do you wish you could hand feed a friendly platypus? Do you stay up late at night worrying about the economic situation in Southeast Asia? Do you sometimes wish you were more like Millard Fillmore? Then this video will be of no help whatsoever (although I totally sympathize about the platypus)." Made in Camp Mogen Av - August 2015. Directed by Sruly Peikes.

Kinor Dovid -  I Can Be - "This past summer in Camp Rayim, the Camp had a special privilege of having Kinor Dovid. Kinor Dovid is linked to the Harmony Program which is there to have a camp for Special Needs Men. After the release of Yaakov Shwekey's Single, "I Can Be," we decided it would be amazing to make a video showing how these special Neshamos can do anything. Besides for that the video also shows Kinor Dovid being themselves and interacting with their ultra warm hosts, Camp Rayim." The Video was Produced, Filmed and Edited by Avrohom Mayer and Avrumi Lipschitz.

"Baruch Kel Elyon" - TheZone Music Channel - "Baruch Kel Elyon" is taken from the traditional Shabbos song that is often sung in Jewish homes during the Shabbat meal. This one though, is sung with some added Zoniac spice, with reference to the many animals we have in TheZone. It will definitely add some Zone spirit to your Shabbat meal!

"B'simcha" - TheZone Music Channel - "B'simcha" is a song that brings out the true Zone spirit, as it reminds us to always be happy in every situation!

Oorah the Zone - Animal Beat Box - "Two of our favorite Zoniacs, a member of TheZone's "Discover U", and a Zone staff member join together on a random summer day in The Zone Camp for a beautiful beat box rap together with TheZone animals."

An Inspiring Freestyle Rap for TheZone's Para Adumah (Red Heifer) - About four months ago, one of TheZone's cows, "Shmaltz" was found to be a possibly kosher Para Adumah (the red heifer that is offered when Mashiach comes). One of our favorite Zoniacs, Bernie Raynor (otherwise known as "King Rayn") truly got us inspired this summer with another one of his beautiful freestlye raps, - this one about the Para Adumah and the coming of Mashiach.

Oorah the Zone - "'King Rayn,' one of our favorite Zoniacs and a freestyle rapper amazingly gets "Kishkeh", our Zone camel mascot to shed a tear during an emotional and inspirational freestyle rap."

Songs about Shabbos (In Russian)

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