Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Man Apprehanded for Shoplifting in Williamsburg Pharmacy

A Williamsburg pharmacy owner, along with his employee and an elderly bystander, managed to catch a shoplifter with a bagful of merchandise before he exited the store. Though the perp struggled to break free, the men were able to hold on to him long enough for Shomrim to arrive.

The incident occurred today, Tuesday, at the Remedies Pharmacy in the heart of Williamsburg, located on the corner of Bedford Ave. and Wallabout Street.

The suspect, a middle-aged African-American male, was alleged to have previously stolen from the pharmacy, and he was recognized by a store employee before making off again with a bag filled with stolen goods.

The storeowner and his employee managed to apprehend the thief and hold on to him – despite his fierce struggles – until Shomrim volunteers arrived and forced him into immediate compliance.

The entire drama was captured on video, which was obtained by

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