Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Malchus Choir Sings Chabad

Malchus Choir singing Chabad Nigun and "Tateh" (not a Chabad Nigun) at a event in Israel.

Tzomoh Lecho Nafshi. Usually attributed to the Alter Rebbe the Baal Hatanya, it is not certain whether the melody is actually one of his ten compositions. Followed here by the faster version whihc is usualy sung with Russian words.


Anonymous said...

Actually both of these songs were introduced to us by our Rebbe not the Baal HaTanya.
Please correct it as it is a very wrong statement.

Anonymous said...

They were both introduced by our Rebbe, however when the Rebbe taught the slow Tzomah he said that it was a Niggun from the Alter Rebbe.