Sunday, August 23, 2015

BDE Yossi Piamenta 64 OBM

Boruch Dayan Emes.

Musician Yosi Piamenta, one of the most beloved and veteran voices in the Jewish music scene, passed away on Sunday, Elul 8, 5775.

He was 64 and suffered from a terrible illness in the past year.

An Orthodox Jewish singer-songwriter and guitarist, known for introducing the electric guitar to Jewish music, Piamenta played rock and roll tunes, often infused with heavy rock licks and extended guitar solos -- all while dressed in Jewish Orthodox religious clothing and singing Biblical Hebrew lyrics. Piamenta has been widely acknowledged by rock critics as a guitar virtuoso.

In addition to being an original songwriter, Piamenta covered others' music in the religious Jewish music category -- his album Songs of the Rebbes includes various Lubavitch, Belz and Sephardi nigunim and Zemirot -- as well as secular American music.

Piamenta was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1951 to Yehuda and Genia Piamenta. In 1962, when he was 12 years old, Piamenta moved with his family to Tel Aviv, Israel. There, he received his first guitar from his uncle, Albert Piamenta, an Israeli saxophonist. Growing up, he practiced traditional Judaism.

In his 20s, Piamenta moved to New York, together with his brother, Avi Piamenta, with the intention of working on a joint album with American saxophone player Stan Getz. The album was a success but Piamenta disapproved of the entertainment industry lifestyle and turned to religion, joining the Orthodox Jewish community.Click Here for more.

Yossi Piamenta with his brother (HBLC"A) and Avi, circa 1994. (Please Note: The still image displayed on the video below is not of Yossi, but that of Avi Piamenta, may he live and be well. )

MBD & Friends Sing For Yossi Piamenta, just a few weeks ago i Brooklyn.

Piamenta Singing Birkat Hamazon At Shabbat With Oorah 2010

the sabra dance yossi piamenta live @ Hasc 5

Legend Yossi Piamenta Rocks a Crown Heights Wedding

Early to mid 1990's

Simchas Beis Hashoeva in Crown Heights

Piamenta playing in ch by the Simchat Beis Hashoeiva, 5767

Brothers Yossi & Avi Piamenta "Poteach Et Yodecha

Yossi Piamenta backstage with RebbeSoul at Jewish music festival - September 27, 2010 at the Bet Shemesh Festival in Israel

Piamenta Live - Kol HaMesamayach - ShemeshFest - Yossi Piamenta and band sings Kol HaMesamayach live at the Beit Shemesh music festival ShemeshFest during Chol HaMoed Succot, 5771.


Anonymous said...

Yasssi was the real deal does anyone know where the wedding is going to take place in isreal?

Vintage MBD said...

chaim from vintagembdproductions channel here
on behalf of the entire jewish music we want to say thank you yossi for all the beautiful uplifting music you brought to klall yisroel, you were always very humble in person despite being labeled the `jewish rockstar` you were a true inspiration, always humble and a massive kidush hashem.
you will be sorely missed.
boruch dayin emes.