Monday, August 31, 2015

8 Year Old Takes His Siblings On a Joy Ride in Pajamas

The Minnesota State Patrol released a video of a slow-speed chase involving an 8-year-old driver.

Authorities said the underage driver made it nearly 20 miles from St. Paul to Mounds View on April 28, with his two younger foster siblings riding along.The boy turned the car into a driveway, and the trooper pulled up behind him.

The boy put the car in reverse and hit the patrol car, then parked.

The trooper got out and checked to see what's going on, and the boy eventually got out of his car wearing pajamas.

He took out his backpack and a bag with his belongings.

Then, his 5-year-old foster sister and her 3-year-old brother also get out. The three left with the trooper unharmed and were returned to their foster family. It's still unknown why the boy took off or where he planned to drive.

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