Saturday, July 25, 2015

"The Key Is In Your Hands" Rabbi Gavriel Sassoon

“Tisha B’av – The Key is in Your Hands”

Why do we cry for something that happened nearly 2,000 years ago? And what can each one of us do about it?

Produced for Oorah’s campers at both of Oorah's TheZone summer camps, as well as for Oorah families worldwide, this production is inspiring and enlightening no matter what level you're on.

Narrated by Rabbi Chaim Asher Reichman of Oorah's Kiruv department. Special short message at the end from HaRav Chaim Mintz, Oorah's founder and spiritual leader.

Interviewing R’ Gavriel Sassoon for this production was a truly humbling experience. His message here is short and direct, brought to life with a special tribute to his son, Dovid a”h.

May we merit the coming of Moshiach speedily in our times, and may the Jewish people “cry no more”.

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