Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Camp 2015 Video Collection Part 5

YSP Morristown - The All Stars Games 5775

Krula Camp Tish B'Av Play: Churban Habayis

CGI Parksville NY - Gan Yisroel Begins Their Day - A short clip from the camp video on wake up and coco club in Gan Yisroel.

Week 5 at Camp Bonim 2015 - Hike Day and more

Camp Yeka full video 5775-2015 - Over 120 Children from 15 different cities and villages from across Ukraine have joined Camp Yek, many of them hailing from Jewish orphanages. A group of dedicated volunteer staff from all across the western hemisphere raised the cost of their flight and the funds to make camp a reality for these children.

Oorah The Zone  - Division Day 2015 Day One

Oorah The Zone Mourns the Destruction of the Temple

Oorah the Zone - Division Day 2015 Day Two

YSP Morristown - Avodas Hashem War 5775 Grand Sing

YSP Morristown - Avodas Hashem War 5775 Rabbi Kotlarsky

"Gishmak to be a Yid!!!" - Yom NCSY Introduces Kollel

NCSY BILT strong Pre Hike stretches during Yam LiYam - Led by our fearless guide Oshri, NCSY BILT 2015 has a bit of fun while stretching early one morning on our Yam Liyam trek.

NCSY - 30 Seconds at the Kotel - Got 30 seconds? Watch this. During the waning hours of Tisha B'Av, all of NCSY Summer participants gathered by the Kotel to join together in song, crying out for Moshiach to arrive.

NCSY - Tisha b'Av 5775 - Recorded live from The Kotel Plaza, Jerusalem, Israel - Captured Live on Ustream

NCSY BILT strong Kumzitz At Gadna - The BILT Boys of NCSY Summer 2015 took to song and dance one night during a break from our training with the Israeli Army at the Gadna army base in Joara.

Camp Simcha Boys 2015: NBA Champ Craig Hodges Visits - Two-time NBA champion and former Chicago Bulls shooting guard Craig Hodges stopped by Camp Simcha to visit our childhood cancer warriors.

Camp Simcha Boys 2015: Photo Slide Show

Kaylie Girls 2015: Dear Parents

A group of kids from some foreign country, were found doing this during their visit to Chabad Lubavitcher Headquarters on 770 Eastern Parkway.

Camp Gevaldig Highlights 2015

CGI Parksville NY - A Production on the Importance of Camp 5775 / 2015 - This video tells the story of how camp changed a child's life. The film is followed by a excerpt of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Speaking about camp.

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