Monday, July 06, 2015

Shark Capsizes Boat

A fisherman off the Florida coast swam as quickly as he could after a bull shark rammed into his kayak and tipped it over.

Captain Ben Chancey, 42, leads fishing expeditions and was searching for a goliath grouper when he was confronted with the predator below his boat in the St Lucie Inlet.

He said that he began to struggle with the estimated 350lb bull shark after picked up on his bait that a grouper had rejected.

Chancey, a Coast Guard captain for fishing charters, and the shark then began a 20-minute battle in which the animal dragged him and his boat around on top of the water as his friends hollered from a distance.

The fisherman and members of his show at captured it all on video, before the beast reared upwards and whacked Chancey's kayak with its tail. he struggled to stay aboard the vessel, but ultimately slipped off as the boat careened sideways and then over. chancey landed directly on top of the shark, but told ABC that he didn't panic.

Wearing a life jacket, Chancey splashes as fast as possible to the safety of a support boat before his friends encourage him to get back in the kayak.

The close call comes after a increased number of shark incidents this summer. ten people have been attacked off the coasts of North and South Carolina this year, according to CNN.

Researchers believe that the rise in shark activity may stem from warmer, saltier water, which sharks prefer. some experts also believe that the increase in shark attacks may be due to a larger than usual sea turtle population along the Atlantic Coast.

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