Monday, July 20, 2015


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Coping with a child or spouse that is seriously ill is one of life’s most challenging and overwhelming situations. Day and night become a blur, normalcy becomes a distant dream and the rest of life’s routine challenges become exceedingly difficult by the pressing needs of the illness.

Doctor appointments replace grocery shopping, Surgery replaces supper time and therapies replace homework. The entire family, especially the children in the home, become adversely affected by the lack of the parents’ focus. Life becomes one endless whirl of worry, despair and imbalance.

Imagine if these parents would be able to take a short respite from the turmoil to refocus their spirits, rebalance their capacities and rejuvenate their lives. How amazing would such a breather be for them, their children and the entire family?

REJUVENATE has indeed imagined the unimaginable benefit that such a respite would afford these families who are suffering so much. REJUVENATE has indeed accepted the task and undertaken the challenge to help these parents and their families!

REJUVENATE, works tirelessly to arrange and implement much-needed, all-expense-paid vacations for parents or spouses that need them most.

From the travel arrangements to the accommodations, from the food to the fun, REJUVENATE sees to it that every detail of the trip is a stress-free breather that infuses the parents with a renewed life-force.

Since its inception, REJUVENATE has paid and arranged for scores of vacations for weary parents. Time and time again, these trips have proven to rejuvenate body and soul to enable parents to return to their families fresh and alive with the necessary stamina to be there for them and face the challenges at hand with renewed strength and fortitude.

Produced by: Sparks Next
DP - Lou Aguilar Gonzalez and Mauricio Arenas
Sound - Pablo Gho Gho
DIT/PA - Royce Brown

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